18th March 2019

Sutton Child Exploitation Awareness Week 2019

From 18-24 March 2019, Sutton LSCB and partner agencies are undertaking awareness raising activities for Sutton Child Exploitation (CE) Awareness Week.

For more information on child exploitation and the activities being undertaken, click here:

8th March 2019

Best practice about multi-agency working

The NSPCC has pulled together best practice about multi-agency working highlighted in analyses of case reviews across the UK and Ofsted’s analysis of joint targeted area inspection (JTAI) reports in England. Key points include: everyone who works with children has a responsibility to share any information that has a bearing on a child’s welfare as early as possible; put processes in place to make it as easy as possible for frontline practitioners to work together and build trusting relationships; establish a clear language around risk and vulnerability factors.

Further details: NSPCC Learning: multi-agency working 

25th February 2019

Reporting a serious child safeguarding incident: guidance for local authorities

The government has published guidance on how local authorities in England should report a serious child safeguarding incident to the Child Safeguarding Practice Review panel. The guidance states that local authorities must use the child safeguarding incident notification system to notify the Panel if it’s known or suspected that a child has been abused or neglected. The statutory guidance Working together to safeguard children has been updated to reflect this change.

Source: Date: 21 February 2019

Further information: Child safeguarding incident notification system

Statutory guidance:working together to safeguard children

22nd January 2019

Safeguarding during adolescence

Research in Practice (RiP) has published a briefing on the relationship between contextual, complex and transitional safeguarding during adolescence. The briefing outlines what is meant by the terms ‘complex safeguarding’, ‘contextual safeguarding’ and ‘transitional safeguarding’ and how these approaches overlap and complement each other.

Further information: Safeguarding during adolescence – the relationship between contextual safeguarding, complex safeguarding and transitional safeguarding (PDF)

11th December 2018

Ofsted JTAI findings on child exploitation

Criminal exploitation

Ofsted has published findings from three joint targeted area inspections which investigated the multi-agency response to child exploitation and children missing from home, care or education in spring 2018. Key findings include: all children are vulnerable to exploitation, regardless of perceived vulnerabilities; agencies should learn from past child sexual exploitation cases; children's needs and safety must be prioritised.

Source: Ofsted  Date: 14 November 2018

Further information: Protecting children from criminal exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery: an addendum (PDF)