14th May 2018

Child mental health

Child mental health

The House of Commons Select Committees on Health and Education have findings from a joint inquiry into the government’s green paper, Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision. Key recommendations include: considering the role of health visitors and children’s centres in promoting emotional wellbeing in the early years; a full assessment of the current transition arrangements between child and adult mental health services, with a recommendation that this should be at 25 instead of 18-years-old; considering the social, emotional and mental health needs of young people excluded from school; and a distinct and separate set of proposals for children in care accessing mental health services.

Further information: The government’s green paper on mental health: failing a generation (PDF)

Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision: a green paper (PDF) 

30th April 2018

Positive Mental Health Awareness

Positive Mental Health Awareness

The London Borough of Sutton, supported by the LSCB, are running an awareness week to promote and support positive mental health for young people – which you may have noticed is our current staff email banner.

The week will focus on how young people can take care of their own mental health, by encouraging them to reflect on the factors which can impact on this.

There will also be a focus on providing young people with strategies they can use to maintain good mental health and to cope with stresses and difficulties in a positive way.

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20th April 2018

Adolescent neglect

Adolescent neglect

The Children’s Society has published a review of research on adolescent neglect. The report, commissioned by Luton Safeguarding Children Board, includes: a definition of adolescent neglect; the impacts of neglect, ways in which adolescent neglect can be identified, assessed and responded to in practice. A briefing for professionals has also been published. 

Further information: Thinking about adolescent neglect: a review of research on identification, assessment and intervention (PDF)

Adolescent neglect: briefing for professionals (PDF)

10th April 2018

LSCB Statement Ellie Butler

Statement from Christine Davies CBE

As the Independent Chair of the Sutton Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), I welcome the Coroner’s verdict and the thoroughness of the Inquest, where the evidence of all interested parties was heard and read. This was an exceptionally unusual case and an overwhelming one for those involved. Despite various failings which have been highlighted in the Serious Case Review the Coroner is unable to conclude that any acts or omissions by the relevant agencies possibly or probably contributed to the death of Ellie. Over the past two years, the main agencies in Sutton responsible for children’s welfare have worked hard to learn the lessons from Ellie’s death and put in place measures to ensure, as far as possible, such a tragedy never occurs again.   




5th April 2018

Modern slavery and human trafficking

Modern slavery and human trafficking

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has published a summary of the number of potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking referred to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in 2017. Figures show that in 2017 the NRM received 2118 referrals of potential victims who were under the age of 18, an increase of 66% on the previous year, due in part to an increase in county lines gang exploitation referrals included within labour exploitation and unaccompanied asylum seeking children figures.

Further information: Modern slavery and human trafficking: national referral mechanism statistics annual report 2017 (PDF)