28th January 2010

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Games cause iPhone bills to rocket

The UK phone regulator PhonePayPlus has begun a probe into complaints about iPhone users running up large bills to premium rate numbers without realising that it was happening.

BubbleWrap is an application popular with children which has ads embedded in the game which can be triggered by unsuspecting users resulting in calls to premium rate services at £1.50 a minute. It’s not the only iPhone application that’s implicated but we’d urge parents to check which apps are installed on their iPhones to ensure they don’t fall foul of this problem. It’s worsened since an Apple update removed a message warning that such services were about to be accessed.

27th January 2010

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

New training on the cards

As well as the ongoing staff and parents eSafety sessions we’ve been delivering for some time, we are pleased to announce a new addition for Sutton teachers and youth workers which will offer accreditation to deliver the Think U Know programme to 11 to 16 year olds in a very engaging and interactive style.

Sutton’s TUK programme is backed by a CEOP-trained Ambassador who will be delivering the free half-day sessions to staff working with children in Sutton to help ensure that our children are able to use the Internet safely and responsibly whilst still enjoying all it has to offer.

5th January 2010

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Beating the system

Thjs article from BBC Newsbeat explains the typical methods used by pupils to bypass filtering systems at school and (if they are used) at home.

The use of proxy anonymisers to gain access to resources that schools feel should be blocked is a very old problem and one which takes up time on a daily basis for network administrators.

It could be that pupils simply want to play games during lesson time or watch the latest pop videos on YouTube, or it may be that they want access to unmonitored email system. As the article indicates, pupils could be getting more than they bargain for when they use these proxy services. As with all filtering systems it’s important to remember that that no technology is 100% effective and this is why when talking to pupils about eSafety we give them the tools to recognise when something is wrong and to let them know how to report it. This is especially important when children are using their smart phones or blackberries to access the web as such devices typically have no filtering available. Filtering systems are the final air-bag that’s intended to protect pupils from harmful content, but it’s education that’s the key.

1st January 2010

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Preparations for Safer Internet Day

With eight weeks to go, the countdown to Safer Internet Day starts here!

CEOP has launched it’s micro site which can guide you through resources that are on offer for you to use, and to inspire you with a number of suggestions and ideas. As the UK representative for the European-wide Safer Internet Day, CEOP are looking to coordinate everyone's efforts to put Safer Internet Day on the map and raise awareness of the issues, the risks and the things that children and young people (and their parents on their behalf) to keep themselves safe online.


So, what's new for Safer Internet Day 2010?

Think before you post competition This is a competition that is open for 8-16 year olds to create a short film (1-3 minutes long) under the banner of Think Before You Post - what does it mean to them, how would they explain this sentiment to other young people and we are throwing down the gauntlet to young people to be as creative as they like to get this message across to their peers – and the opportunity to win some exciting prizes. Entries can be made by individuals, small groups of up to 5 people or as a whole class - a great end of term project perhaps!

For further details cick here


New resources for Key Stage 1:

CEOP have developed a new animation for children between 5-7 with activities for pre-school children to teach them about personal information, playing safely on the computer and behaving nicely to others online.

You can download the free resources the end of January 2010.

Other resources available:

• A NEW cyber-bullying episode for Hector’s World
• Two assembly programmes for primary and secondary schools
• Online banners and SID badges to download for your website


Tell us all about it:

CEOP will have an interactive map onto which you can upload the details of your initiatives which will be made available to local, regional and national media outlets to generate local press coverage in your area. Visit the Safer Internet Day micro site to get more ideas and suggestions about how to raise the issue of online safety in Sutton.

Let us know your plans by using our Feedback Page.

18th December 2009

Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board news item

Happy Holidays

The Sutton eSafety and Safeguarding teams would like to wish all of you a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

When you are busy connecting up your Nintendo Wii’s and other gadgets on the big day don’t forget to turn on your parental controls to ensure your children stay safe this Christmas.

Playstation parental controls are here and the XBox ones are here.