Early Help

Sutton Early Help Strategy 

The Early Help multi-agency strategy sets out Sutton's aims and priorities relating to early help duties under Working Together 2015. The focus is on a needs-led and community-based approach to early help, building on all partners’ social and public responsibility to deliver timely intervention to Sutton’s children and young people.

The strategy sets out:

  • A partnership commitment to deliver and implement an early help offer in Sutton;
  • A shared vision for early help in Sutton;
  • An agreed set of priorities and associated outcomes to be achieved; and
  • The governance arrangements in providing support and challenge so that the strategy achieves its desired outcomes through a joined up approach and collective responsibilities.

Early Help assessments in Sutton

The Early Help Assessment for children and young people is an assessment tool used to fulfil statutory duties towards children and young people under Working Together 2015. It is designed to help practitioners develop a shared understanding of a child or young person's needs so that they can be met quickly and effectively. It replaces the CAF form used in Sutton previously from 9 Sept 2016.

In Sutton we use the LSCB Threshold document in conjunction with the London Child Protection Procedures and their associated threshold guidance:LCPP Thresholds

This enables us to understand changing levels of need and to identify when children and young people require referrals for statutory assessment. EH Assessments are usually started at Level 2 of the LSCB threshold guidance.

 When to complete an Early Help Assessment

  • If you are worried about a behaviour, incident or information
  • Require more information to help you plan next steps to address an issue
  • The child, young person of family needs cannot be met by a single agency
  • If a parent expresses concerns

To access the Early Help assessment guidance and templates follow this link EHAT guidance and assessment templates

Before undertaking a new early help assessment it is important to find out if one has already been completed or started and if there is a Lead Professional, or if Social Services are involved.  To do this, or for any other query, contact the Early Help Co-ordinator EHAT@sutton.gov.uk or call 0208 436 1720

A copy of the completed EHAT and should always be sent to EHAT@sutton.gov.uk.