24th November 2009

eSafety events for schools and parents:

Management Information Services (MIS) has been running many events for school and local authority staff as well as parents and carers over the last few months and will continue to do so into the New Year.

We’re busy raising awareness of this important issue because we believe eSafety is increasingly becoming a hot topic for parents and carers as well as schools, especially with the additional safeguarding scrutiny now being applied by Ofsted.

Our parent events cover lots of practical information about what pupils are really up to and how to ensure that they use the Internet and communications safely and responsibly. It’s not about saying “no” but about ensuring that they have fun, stay in control and know how to make a report if something goes wrong or they feel uncomfortable.

If you have attended one of our events we are interested in your feedback on how we can improve them and this website.

MIS is a part of the Children and Young People's Learning Services branch of Sutton Council and provides IT services for Sutton schools.

24th November 2009

The Twelve Scams of Christmas

With the festive season approaching, scammers are gearing up to take advantage of the holiday spirit. This report from McAfee indicates the types of scams people are likely to be finding in their mailboxes this season, along with some tips on how to avoid being caught out.

23rd November 2009

First UK cyberbully jailed


First Cyberbully jailed in UK

A Worcestershire teenager is thought to be the first person in Britain jailed for social network bullying after threatening to kill someone on Facebook.

In jailing 18-year-old Keeley Houghton up for three months in a young offender's institution, District Judge Bruce Morgan described the online bullying of 18-year-old Emily Moore as "warped" and "nasty" after hearing how she had been targeted on the popular site. He stated "Since Emily Moore was 14 you have waged compelling threats and violent abuse towards her. Bullies are by their nature cowards, in school and society. The evil, odious effects of being bullied stay with you for life."

As well as the three-month term of detention, Houghton was given a restraining order banning her from contacting Miss Moore in person, via the internet or in any other manner for five years. Read more on the case here

If you or someone you know has been effected by Cyberbullying then visit the Cybermentors site for advice and information.

20th November 2009

The BBC Stay Safe Web site

The BBC has spent a lot of time and effort on their Stay Safe web site.

Why not start by taking the Stay Safe Quiz with your children?

20th November 2009

Parents: do you Know IT all?

The Know IT all CD has been a big hit with parents in Sutton and now you can use this resource online just by clicking here.

"I am delighted with this new resource. I have seen it myself and, as a new parent, I can see how valuable this will be to the parents of children and young people of all ages. We should never take for granted that our children know it all about computers and the internet. We should know what they're doing and be there to help and support them. This new resource provides a lot of information and advice for parents and I'm pleased that the main overview section is translated into seven other languages and into British Sign Language... I am also pleased that it includes sections for young people themselves and for teachers,  and fully approve of the approach Childnet has taken with this resource - having young people talking to young people about the benefits and issues associated with the internet is very powerful."

Parmjit Dhanda, MP, Minister for Children, Young People and Families speaking at the launch of the Know IT All for Parents resource.